Wrought Iron Paint Finishes

All finishes are tried and tested, and they are regularly supplied to private and trade customers.

More importantly our finishes are tough enough to do a demanding job.

Check out our various paint finishes below before you order our curtain poles.

Satin Black

A traditional finish for iron work. Furniture/poles are given two coats of a particularly tough black primer followed by a coat of satin spray.

A safe finish to use in any room as it is unlikely to clash with existing colours.

Particularly suited to cottage type properties; especially when curtain poles are finished with ball end or forged ball finial.

Satin black wrough iron paint finish<br />


A new finish which has been added after a number of requests. It is some way between the black and polished finishes, and has proved particularly useful when a decision cannot be made between two opposing opinions!

As with the polished finish this will work well with many different colours and styles. Two coats of tough black primer are applied and then finished with a graphite spray.

Graphite wrought iron paint finish



This is very similar to a gun metal finish or could also be described as pewter. This is basically the bare metal but coated with a tough industrial lacquer, as such it brings out the patina in the steel and gives great detail to the finials. It is an extremely interesting finish but has the advantage of being neutral; it works well with all colour schemes and many interior styles. 

This finish is not available for pigtail finials. 10% will be added to standard pole price.

Polished wrought iron paint finish


This finish is achieved by applying a bronze acrylic finish over a black base coat which is then lacquered to reveal the final colour 

10% will be added to standard pole prices.

Bronze wrought iron paint finish<br />


A similar finish to the bronze paint finish but using gold acrylic.

This gives a lighter finish and is well suited to lighter oak beams.

This finish is often used for interior furniture etc.

10% will be added to standard pole prices.

Gold Wrought Iron Paint Finish


An ideal finish when a pole may have to complement fittings such as door handles and light fittings etc.

10% will be added to standard pole prices.

Brass Wrought Iron Paint Finishes