Ridge Arch

Ridge style garden arch, handmade and hot dip galvanized

These are made from thick wall square section 25 x 25mm tubing, with a 2.5mm (heavy) wall thickness. The horizontals are from 12mm round, these are welded in and produce an arch 40cm in depth.

They are finished by hot dip galvanising meaning they are totally submerged in molten zinc which treats the inside and the outside of the tubes. This is the best protection available.

These are BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME AND MORE and they are far superior than anything off the shelf as seen in DIY shops and garden centres.

Ridge Arch† Ridge Arch

It is easily assembled, but does require some practical skills and two 13mm spanners; this can be done by one person, but two easier. Stainless steel bolts are used.

It has been designed so that four sizes are available, you can adjust the width by + or - 7.5cm. This will also alter the pitch of the roof, between approx 18 and 24 degrees.

The overall height can be increased or decreased by up to 10 /12 cm . The underground bit is about 37 cm so plenty of scope to adjust safely.

It all bolts together in the proportions you require.

>Prices start at £245 for ungalvanised

>Please contact us to enquire about available sizes