Sandhole Farm Project

The project was a particularly enjoyable commission. I was asked to design the lighting for a new build, green oak barn being constructed locally for weddings and conferences.

Rim & Classic Chandeliers

The chandeliers were based on previous designs I had produced, but modified to suit the image and scale of the barn.

Rim and Classic Chandeliers

The classic design shown is 4'6" diameter. And one of the rim designs was modified to carry two tiers holding 12 bulbs.

Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce

The wall sconces are a particular favourite and the barn itself gave the inspiration for this unique design.

It features a heavy cast plate incorporating a Tudor rose design, approximately 10" x 10".

Please see our Lighting & Candelabra section for more examples.

Sandhole Farm is a simply stunning barn located in the heart of Cheshire; should you wish to consider this facility contact:

David & Veronica Worth
Telephone: 01260 224419